A#3 Parametric Wall


Assignment 3: Parametric Wall


Today, we’ve discussed how a geometric component could be designed to create seamless wall structures. Now, you are asked to generate another seamless wall structure using a variable void component.

STEP 1: Draw a 3d solid object (a component) that is capable of generating variations through scaling, rotation, mirroring etc.

STEP 2: Generate an array of your component by manipulating it at each step. Scaling (2d-3d), rotation, mirroring and other transformations could be used. Total size of your array should be approx. 50cm x 20cm

STEP 3:  Now subtract (Boolean Difference) your array of components from a 50x20x4 box. This will generate a variable void composition.

STEP 4: Use contour command and produce physical model of your composition from corrugated cardboard. Your voids might generate holes on the box as you see at above image. You should experiment the effects of the size and direction of the contour lines. Size of your final product should be 50cm x 20cm x 4cm


Design A3 posters explaining your modeling process step-by-step. Do not forget to add text explanations on your posters. Submit your posters + photos of your physical product on the course blog (Maximum file size: 1 MB) and don’t forget to bring your physical models to the next class


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