A#2 Gaudi Columns


Assignment 2: Gaudi Columns


“The double twisted column begins at the base with a regular or starred polygon with straight or parabolic sides or with a combination of polygons which, as the column rises, are transformed into different sections with an increasing number of vertices, until they reach the circle at the top. Geometrically it is the intersection of two helicoidal columns with the same base, but with opposite twists. All the branching columns are double twisted, but with different polygons at the base. With this type of column Gaudí achieves the continuity of arrises and surfaces between one column and the ones above or beneath it.”


 Design at least FIVE column variations based on above method. Create multiple lofted surfaces with reference to each other, then use Boolean Intersection to develop the final design. Try as many of these as possible.

Design A3 posters explaining your modeling process step-by-step. Do not forget to add text explanations on your posters. Submit your posters on the course blog (Maximum file size: 1 MB)

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